Season 9, Episode D

Episode D, Season 9, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – That’s a wrap on Season 9, Episode D! We officially have the final team moving on to the Championship Round next week.

Congratulations to Boom! Co. You’re no strangers to Q4BBS and even more familiar with our Championship Round. Best of luck to you!

LuckyShotz – thank you so much for participating and for being such great supporters of Q4BBS! We’ll see you guys in Season 10 šŸ˜Ž

Tomorrow begins our Championship Round! Phoenix, VE Breakfast Club, Reddit Narwhals, Boom! Co., and our current Defending Champs – Daily Fix 5 – will face off! Will Daily Fix 5 becoming the double defending champs, or will one if the other teams knock them off of their throne?

Stay tuned! @q4bbsresults