Season 9, Episode D

Episode D, Season 9, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – Phase 1 of Season 9, Episode D is complete! We had some good scores and great participants in this Phase and we look forward to seeing who comes out on top in Phase 2.

Congratulations to Luckyshotz & Boom! Co. on your results! You managed to come out with a tie in Phase 1 – but both having the high score moved you on to Phase 2. Keep up the good work. Remember — one of you WILL be joining us in the Championship Round next week!

GE B Team, Frente Nacional, and ZookasGoneWild – thank you so much for participating! You guys are always a lot of fun to have around and we hope you enjoyed your time with Q4BBS!

By 12pm EST Saturday, we will be announcing the team who will be claiming the final spot in our Championship Round. Will it be Luckyshotz, or Boom! Co? They’re both capable of claiming the spot, and both teams deserve it … so stay tuned to see which one will claim it! @q4bbsresults on telegram.