Season 9, Episode C

Episode C, Season 9, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – Season 9, Episode C has been completed! We have our winner, and this team will be joining Phoenix, VE Breakfast Club, and our current DEFENDING Boom Beach Supremacy Champs Daily Fix 5, in the Championship round which begins October 7th!

Congratulations to Reddit Narwhals! Not only did you come out on top in this Episode, you came out on TOP of the LEADERBOARD for all of Q4BBS with the highest total score in one episode! Your grand total was 3378 force points. Great job to all of you! This is certainly something to be proud of and we look forward to seeing you in the Championship Round!

The Loser’s Club – thank you so much for participating! A score like Reddit’s is nearly impossible to beat but your performance is definitely something to be proud of and you guys certainly showed up and gave it hell. 19/20 solos in this entire episode – great job!

Sunday, September 30 begins the final episode of Season 9. Will Luckyshotz get lucky? Will Global Eruption B Team become the A Team? Frente Nacional…silent, but deadly. Will it be ZookasGoneWild or ZookasGoPoof? and then there’s Boom! Co… or Boom! No?

Stay tuned for updates at @q4bbsresults ( on telegram and at ( Want to get your team signed up? Season 10 has 1 spot left! This will be our FINAL Season and something you don’t want to miss!

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