Season 9, Episode C

Episode C, Season 9, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – Phase 1 of Season 9, Episode C has been completed!

Congratulations to The Loser’s Club & Reddit Narwhals! You guys are moving on and will be facing off head to head on CP and CC in Phase 2. Which team will move on to the Championship Round? Don’t let The Loser’s clubs name fool you. See no losers here. Reddit, you guys have been here before. Can you do it again? The champs round is so close. Good luck to both of you.

Thanks for participating Pro Aus Dom, Leeroy’s Loonies, and Alphaholics! Just wasn’t enough this time. Now quick grab that LAST chance and signup for season 10. You find it at

By Saturday, we will be announcing which team will move on to the Championship Round. The group is filling up. In there we already have. Phoenix, VE Breakfast Club and Daily Fix 5.

Stay tuned for updates at @q4bbsresults on telegram and at Want to get your team signed up? Season 10 has spots left! But they will fill up. So don’t be a sloth.

Visit and click on “get in on the action!”