Season 8 Champs & Season 9 Episode A

Episode A, Season 9, Tournament Updates

Season 8 wrapped up on a high note, as we once again congratulate Daily Fix 5 on becoming our first ever DEFENDING Boom Beach Supremacy Champions! We’reAngryBro gave them a run for their money, but Daily Fix 5 was able to lock the title in.

We’reAngryBro, we will see you guys in Season 9…and perhaps you will have another chance to strip the title from the Daily Fix 5 team!

Season 9, Episode A begins today and we couldn’t be more excited! Good luck to the teams and as always, thank you so much to everyone who supports the Q4BBS Tournament. We are starting to fill up our 10th season!! 😊👊

If you want to get your team signed up, head over to and click on “get in on the action”!