Season 8, Episode A

Episode A, Season 8, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – The first episode of Season 8 has come to an end and we officially have our first of 4 spots filled for the Championship Round!

Congratulations to Low Standards! This was a high scoring episode but you guys managed to squeak by on top. Wishing you the best of luck in the Championship Round!

Frente Nacional, thank you so much for participating and congratulations on a job well done! Although you were just shy of the champ round, we look forward to seeing you guys in Episode 9 for another chance! Be sure to sign up on our website!

Episode B begins Sunday the 12th. Spots for Season 9 are filling up fast! If you’re not already signed up for 8, and want to get in on the action in 9, we recommend you get your signups in ASAP! Go to and click on “get in on the action!”