Season 8, Episode A

Episode A, Season 8, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – Phase 1 of Season 8, Episode A is complete! It was a high scoring round and all 5 teams put in some serious work.

Congratulations to Low Standards & Frente Nacional! You had the two highest scores which qualifies you for Phase 2. In the next phase, you’ll take on Choke Point & Curtain Call and in the end, one of you will claim the first spot in our Championship Round!

Thank you so much to Reddit Narwhals, Sweet Decisions, & VE Misfits for participating in the tournament! You all did a great job and this time you fell just shy of the win. You guys can now get your signups in for Season 9 for another chance to battle it out for your chance to become a contender for the next Boom Beach Supremacy Champion. đź‘Š

Will Low Standards keep their momentum in the top spot, or will they lose their composure and crash while new-to-the-scene Frente Nacional continues on?

Stay tuned!

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