Season 7, Championship Round

Championship Round, Season 7, Tournament Updates

Our Season 7 “007” Championship Round is complete! After a long week with some of our top competitors in this tournament, we are happy to announce who reigns supreme over boom beach!

This team is no stranger to being a Boom Beach Supremacy Champion. Congratulations to Daily Fix 5 on your huge win! We will see you guys in the Championship Round of Season 8!

Nightbloods – you were SO close! You put on a stellar performance and were the closest anyone has ever come to becoming our first ever Defending champs! Your spot for Season 8 is officially secured and we look forward to watching your quest for redemption!

We’d also like to take a moment to congratulate the MVP for this Championship Round! Congrats to Shaun from Daily Fix 5 who threw down a Fang solo for his team in Phase 1! Impressive work and the MVP title is well deserved!