Season 7, Championship Round

Championship Round, Season 7, Tournament Updates

Season 7 Championship Round began on Sunday, July 29th 2018!

Phase 1 of the Season 7 “007” Championship Round is complete! It’s the Champs Round, folks, so THREE teams will move on to Choke Point. Once Choke Point is complete – we will have a semi final elimination and two teams will continue on to Curtain Call!

Congratulations to Daily Fix 5, Global Eruption B Team, and our current Boom Beach Supremacy Champions – NIGHTBLOODS! You are moving on to the semi-final round. The scores have reset to zero, and the lowest score on Choke Point is out! The pressure is on for all of the teams! For Daily Fix 5 and Global Eruption, this is their last chance to knock Nightbloods out of the running! For Nightbloods – they need to come out on top so they can advance to the final phase, in hopes to become our first DEFENDING Boom Beach Supremacy Champions!

MaxRisk & Fwug University – you gave it a good run and put on a great performance this Season! Unfortunately, this is the end of the road for you in Season 7 but your spots for Season 8 are secured and you’ll get another chance to become a Boom Beach Supremacy Champion!

Stay tuned @q4bbsresults on telegram for future updates! As always, thank you for everything & for your support for the Q4BBS Tournament!