Season 7, Episode D

Episode D, Season 7, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – Sunday starts our Championship Round but before we do that…it’s time to announce the winner for Season 7, Episode D! This team will be joining Daily Fix 5, MaxRisk, Global Eruption B Team and our current Boom Beach Supremacy Champions – Nightbloods – in the Championship Round on Sunday!

Congratulations to Fwug University! You have successfully secured the final spot in next weeks tournament & we wish you the best of luck!

FHRITP – We’ll be seeing you guys again in Season 9 we’re sure. You had some tough rolls on CP and CC and unfortunately – that worked against you. You’re a team of skilled players and we really enjoy your participation & support for Q4BBS. If we could deem you winners based on the intel you dropped to the tournament alone, you would win… but alas, it comes down to force points so its time to send you packing.

Tomorrow begins the Championship Round of Season 7! We introduce to you, our Season 7 theme…Bond. Seems fitting for our 7th season, no? 🙂 Will we have a new Boom Beach Supremacy Champion or will Nightbloods becoming our first Defending Boom Beach Supremacy Champions? Only time will tell!