Season 7, Episode C

Episode C, Season 7, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – That’s a wrap for Season 7, Episode C! Five teams started, and then it was only two. In the end, only one team gets to be our tournament winner for this episode and folks, we have a winner!

Congratulations to Global Eruption B Team! You are the winners of Epsiode C and came out ahead of Krazy Peeps Killaz. We will see you guys in two weeks in the Championship Round with Daily Fix 5, MaxRisk, and our current Boom Beach Supremacy Champions … NIGHTBLOODS!

Krazy Peeps Killaz – you gave it great effort in Phase 2 but you know what they say…every dog has it’s day. We will see you guys again in Season 9 I’m sure. You get an entire season to brush up on your skills…will Season 9 be your time for redemption? We look forward to watching.

A big shout out to the community for everything you do to support Q4BBS! It is crazy to think we are on our 25th CONSECUTIVE weeks of tournaments! We don’t do this for us, we do this for you guys and we are so happy to be facilitating something the community supports, and enjoys, so much. If you’d like to support with Intel, head over to @q4bbsintel on Telegram or message an admin and we can walk you through it. 🤗