Season 7, Episode C

Episode C, Season 7, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – The first Phase of Season 7, Episode C is complete. Two teams will be moving on for a chance at one of the two coveted spots in our Championship Round, and three teams will have to sign up again for another shot in Season 9.

Congratulations to Global Eruption B Team & Krazy Peeps Killaz! Your performance in Phase 1 has secured your spots in Phase 2 and we look forward to seeing who will come out on top for Episode C. Will it be the new-to-the scene Global Eruption B Team? or will Krazy Peeps Killaz show them that Q4BBS experience is enough to win?

Thank you so much to Goonies, ZookasGoneWild, and VE Misfits. We hope to see you guys signed up again for Season 9 for another chance to become our next Boom Beach Supremacy Champions!

Phase 2 begins today and by Saturday – we will have a winner! We look forward to seeing who is going to join Daily Fix 5, MaxRisk, and our current Boom Beach Supremacy Champions – NIGHTBLOODS – in the Championship Round!