Season 6, Episode D

Episode D, Season 6, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS –  Phase 1 of Season 6, Episode D has come to an end and we’ve got our two teams who are moving on to Phase 2! It was a close scoring round for some and hats off to all 5 teams for participating it and giving it the effort and attention that you did!

Congratulations to We 3 Kings and Nightbloods on your success! You are the two teams that will be moving on to Phase 2 and one of you will be representing Episode D in the Championship Tournament next week!

VE Breakfast Club – Phoenix – & Tramp Busters – thank you so much for participating and supporting the tournament! Now that you’ve been eliminated, you can sign back up and seek your revenge in Season 8!

Stay tuned @q4bbsresults on Telegram or for tournament updates! If you want to sign up a team – head over to and click on “Get in on the Action!”.

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