Season 5, Championship Round

Episode D, Season 5, Tournament Updates

That’s a wrap on Phase 1!

Congratulations to Low Standards, Daily Fix 5, and our current Boom Beach Supremacy Champions – Reddit Narwhals – on your performance! Phase #2 awaits…and after Choke Point. One of you will be eliminated.

Low Standards put up a perfect score and are hot on Reddit Narwhals’ trail. Daily Fix 5 is not far behind and the pressure is on for all 3 teams. Will they capitalize on this chance, or crack under the pressure?

Thanks to Boom! Co. & VE Breakfast Club for participating! You made it all the way to the Championship Round and that is something to certainly be proud of! We will see you again in Season 6 đź‘Š

So, who’s it gonna be? Will Reddit Narwhals become our first DEFENDING Boom Beach Supremacy Champions, or will one of the other two teams steal their spotlight?

Stay tuned! One team will be eliminated on Friday, and another on Saturday!


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