Board Vs. Champs SPECIAL EVENT! Board vs. Reddit Narwhals

Special Events

We asked – you voted. The theme for our next Championship Round will be MINIONS! Thank you to everyone who participated!

 The Q4BBS Board and the current Boom Beach Supremacy Champions, Reddit Narwhals, will be facing off! Both teams (6 vs. 6) will run Dead End in separate task forces. The highest force points wins! There is no time to study their lines. As a matter of fact… there are no scripts, there’s no rehearsal, and no retakes. One take is all the teams have to win. Win what, you ask? Well, well, well. Some may think the Board is here to take the crown but alas, this event is for bragging rights only!

We encourage you all to watch along @q4bbsresults and!





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