Season 9, Championship Round

Championship Round, Season 9, Tournament Updates


Congratulations to Boom! Co., Reddit Narwhals, and Daily Fix 5! Daily Fix 5 is lookin good for becoming the Supremacy GODS! Will Boom! Co and Reddit stop them?

Only TWO TEAMS will move on to Curtain Call!


Daily Fix 5 has been eliminated! Reddit Narwhals & Boom! Co. will move on for a chance at the title Boom Beach Supremacy Champs!


Season 9 of Q4BBS is now completed. This Championship Round was stacked and the pressure was high for many of the teams but only one could come out on top as the champs!

Daily Fix 5 had the opportunity to become the Boom Beach Supremacy Gods – but were knocked out in the semi-final of Phase 2. Boom! Co. and Reddit Narwhals moved on for the final operation, Curtain Call.

Boom! Co. kicked it off with a Manticore & Minotaur Solo…and Reddit rolled a Titan that got the best of them.

Congratulations to Boom! Co. on becoming the Champions of Season 9! You’re deserving of the title and your performance showed that you do have what it takes!

Reddit Narwhals – you’re a great team and we always enjoy the tournaments when you’re around! We KNOW you have what it takes to be a champion – because you’ve done it before … so we will see you again in Season 10.

Sunday, October 14th will begin Season 10….the final Season of the Quest for Boom Beach Supremacy as we now know it. We are preparing to make it the best season yet… so, stay tuned! This will be something you don’t want to miss!


Season 9, Championship Round

Championship Round, Season 9, Tournament Updates

Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push. No matter how insane you may be, there is always someone to complete the insanity.

Welcome, heathens, to the Quest for Boom Beach Supremacy Season 9 Championship Round!

…what? You were just thinking you can have a happy family and coach little leagues, and make car payments? Normal is a setting on the dryer. People like us, we don’t get normal! It’s time to get serious because it’s the Championship Round and the competition is tough.

We will kick off Phase 1 this afternoon!
⭐️ Will Phoenix finally rise?
⭐️ Does VE Breakfast Club have what it takes to earn a badge to compliment their leaderboard score?
⭐️ In Season 5, Reddit Narwhals had their title of Champs stolen by Daily Fix 5. Are they seeking revenge?
⭐️ Boom! Co., no strangers to Q4BBS and our 3rd place finishers from Season 8.
⭐️ Last, but not least…we’ve got our DEFENDING Boom Beach Supremacy Champions, Daily Fix 5! Easily the most decorated team in Q4BBS, will they also become our first ever Boom Beach Supremacy Gods!?

This week is going to be full of excitement. Stay tuned @q4bbsresults. You DON’T want to miss this!