Season 8 Championship Round

Championship Round, Season 8, Tournament Updates

Q4BBS – Phase 1 of the Q4BBS Season 8 Championship Round is complete! We started with 5 teams, and 3 will move on to our Semi-Final round.

Congratulations to Boom! Co., We’reAngryBro, and Daily Fix 5! These 3 teams will be moving on to our Semi Final and giving Choke Point their all. Boom! Co. managed to come out with a maxed score for Phase 1 and We’reAngryBro and Daily Fix 5 managed to squeak by with a tie.

Thank you to Phoenix OGs & Low Standards for participating! Phoenix OGs fell just short of moving on and Low Standards had a premature start and decided to take the “no man left behind” route and forfeited the tournament. We will see you guys again in Season 9.

The semi-final round begins as early as today at 12pm. Our 3 finalists will complete Choke Point and the two teams with the highest force points will move on to Curtain Call! Will either Boom! Co or We’reAngryBro become the NEW Boom Beach Supremacy Champions, or will Daily Fix 5 defend their title? Stay tuned…you don’t want to miss this!