Season 8 Episode D

Episode D, Season 8, Tournament Updates

**I’m behind on this post, so here is a copy and past summary of the entire episode for your enjoyment 🙂 **

Phase 1 of Season 8, Episode D has come an end! With the lineup we had, there was no doubt it’d be a high scoring round and we are happy to announce that we have our two teams moving on!

Congratulations to We’reAngryBro and MaxRisk! You guys tied with max force points in Phase 1 and if we needed to use a tiebreaker, the difference in troop loss between the two teams was in the single digits 😱We look forward to seeing what you can make of Choke Point & Curtain Call in Phase 2! One of you will be joining the other winners in the Championship Round next week, and one of you will be back to the drawing board. Who has what it takes?

Special shout out to Dead is Dead & VE Take 5! You guys are great supporters of the tournament and we look forward to seeing you guys again in Season 10 (get your sign ups in now!). We typically eliminate 3 teams after Phase 1; however, Fat Fingers had trouble getting their team together and had to forfeit the round.

Q4BBS – Season 8, Episode D has come to an end! What an episode it was…with two teams finishing with perfect scores in Phase 1, we knew it could be anyone’s game in Phase 2.

We’reAngryBro & MaxRisk started Phase 2, both continuing their perfect score streak on Choke Point. When both teams rolled Curtain Call, we knew that with the rolls they got…it was going to be the Op that would make it or break it.

Congratulations to We’reAngryBro on coming out on top in Episode D! We will be seeing you guys in the Championship Round next week! Great job by all members of the team.

MaxRisk – you guys showed up and put some serious numbers up from start to finish; but unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to claim the win in this Episode. We hope to see you guys signed up again for Season 10 in October and thank you so much for participating.

Tomorrow begins the Championship Round for Season 8! We have lots in store for you guys, so be ready. 💀