Season 8, Episode C

Episode C, Season 8, Tournament Updates

Phase 1 of Season 8, Episode C has come to an end! We officially have two teams that will be moving on to Phase 2 and after Phase 2, one team will claim the 3rd spot in our Championship Tournament against Low Standards, Phoenix OG’s and our current Boom Beach Supremacy Champions, Daily Fix 5!

Congratulations to Global Eruption B Team & Boom! Co! We are so excited to see how Phase 2 pans out for you both! Both teams did a great job in Phase 1!

Thank you to GE Chemical Brothers, Victorious Secret, & Goonies for participating! We hope to see you guys signed up again for Season 9! Head over to and click on “Get in on the action!” to sign back up. We have a few more spots open, so claim your spot for redemption now!

By Saturday, we will be announcing the winner of Season 8, Episode C! Stay tuned @q4bbsresults & and as always – thank you to everyone in the community who supports what we do!